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School Ski Trips in Norway

Snow sports are more than just a past time in Norway – they are a way of life!

And with Norway holding more Winter Olympic medals than any other nation, it’s safe to say the skiing and snowboarding facilities are some of the best in the world…

But you don’t have to be of Olympic standard to ski in Norway  – there are plenty of long, gentle slopes which are perfect for beginners.

And thanks to it’s northern location, resorts in Norway get plenty of snow!

In December and January temperatures drop as low as -7.  But with little more than 5 hours daylight, be prepared to experience some floodlight skiing. Towards the end of the season, temperatures rise (to just above freezing!) and hours of daylight increase… meaning your time on the slopes is extended too.

Inspireski have carefully selected our resorts to ensure they are suitable for a broad range of ages and mixed ability skiers.

This, combined with beautiful scenery, world class hospitality and a wide choice of après ski activities, means that school ski trips in Norway suit groups whatever their ski experience.

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