Bulgaria: Unforgettable school skiing experiences

Organising a school skiing trip to Bulgaria provides a wealth of benefits for children and teachers alike. Firstly, Bulgaria’s resorts offer a safe and controlled environment for students to ski, with a variety of slopes suitable for all levels of experience.

Ski trips to Bulgaria allow students to learn and understand the rich culture of the country, as well take in some of the most stunning mountain views across Europe.

The resorts feature a safety-conscious approach with fantastic ski-schools to help the students get to grips on the slopes. Bulgaria features rolling hills covered in pristine and consistent snow, including forests, meadows and valleys dotted with traditional Bulgarian villages.

Bulgaria’s most popular resort, Bansko is surrounded by the Pirin National park, a UNESCO heritage site, known for its breath-taking scenery. Additionally Bulgarian resorts feature a range of purpose built amenities such as well-maintained ski slopes, cosy restaurants and shops and comfortable accommodation options.

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